Kawasan Falls

Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls
Badian (Cebu. Philippines) 

The main attraction in Cebu apart from the diving is Kawsan Falls which is a beautiful waterfall Located in Badian next to Moalboal where all the travellers/tourist’s stay. Kawasan falls is advertised everywhere all at different prices. The cheapest tour price we could find was 1200 piso. So we opted to do it ourself!

We rented a moped for 300 piso for all day with a full tank of petrol. We then set off at 8:30am and arrived home for 3pm. The drive to Kawasan is straight from Moalboal untill the main junction you then take the left and drive straight. The locals are all really helpful with directions if needed. Its a 30 minuet drive from Moalboal.

We then found a tour comany MSB which we haggled the price with and eventually got the canyoneering tour for 900 piso per person including lunch. BARGAIN - thats the reason we decided to do the tour ourself!

Lets gooo. To start you drive on the back of a motorbike for about 20 minuets until you reach the start of the trek.

You then trek which is very slippy for 20 minuets until you reach the start of the tour. Now the fun begins. The first jump, hold your nose as the water tends to always go straight up my nose! Freezing brrr but such a rush! Take time to take in the gorgeous surroundings and then off you go to the next jump spot.

As we did the tour ourselves we had our own group smaller then all of the other big groups. Theres lots of tourists but it doesnt feel over crowded. Its amazing. After about 4 other jumps you get to the final big jump. 15 meters high, legs trembling and everyone screaming. JUMP. You jump....I jumped. I could just feel myself falling for ages. Until I hit the water and then I was just so happy as I couldnt believe I jumped! The rush is amazing and when your at the bottom looking up it seems impossible to jump.

Lastly you get to bathe/take photos of the beautiful Kawasen falls itself. But typical my un relaible go pro had broke at this point and we didn't get any good photos but the memories are unforgettable.

This tour is most deffiantely worth the money!

900 piso pp for the tour and we paid 300 piso for a bike with a full tank petrol.

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