Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills Bohol - if only they were chocolate as I havent had any chocolate for over a month now!

The hills are named after hershey kisses weirdly enough and they are basically little mountains in the middle of nowhere. 

The drive to chocolate hills on a bike is great the roads are so smooth and the scenary is incredible. You drive up mountains, through towns and down hills. This is an hour drive from Taglibaran city but so worth it.

The best way to get to chocolate hills is to use your GPS on your phone and then ask the locals. Its a major tourist attraction so everyone can point you in the right direction.

We stopped for food at the most delicious and cheapest resturant ever in the mountains next to the monkey sanctuary. We orderd the mango chicken curry which was un real. It was the nicest curry we have tasted this whole trip.

Then we carried on our journey. We made it the entrance fee was 50 piso each and then we had to park up and walk. I hate stairs im so unfit but it has to be done...

Up the stairs we go. Finally we got to the top. The chocolate hills were all around us. Lots of tourists all taking selfies including us. 

You can do this with a tour provider but its more expensive and you dont get to appreciate the drive being in a coach and you have others with you. 

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