Dessert Safari Dubai

Dubai Dessert Safari is fun for everyone. You get picked up from a pick up point of your choice and then drive in a mini bus to the dessert approx. 1hr30.  Before you arrive at the camp you go speeding over the sand dunes in a 4x4 so fun!

The sand goes for miles and its so soft to walk on. We chilled on top of the sand dunes for ages and took a million photos just like everyone else. We used our drone and was very impressed with the footage now we just need to learn how to edit videos well to make our first vlog.

The food and soft drinks are included which is very good for the price and there's a good variety. You can also smoke shisha for free and get a henna tattoo. Which of course I did both... the sun sets and then their are dancers and fire eaters.  

You can book the safari from Groupon or if you go to the mall they have stands where you can buy excursions. 

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