Food in Dubai

Dubai food wise is very reasonable, but when your on a budget and just want something for about £3 aka fast food so you dont blow the budget its basically impossible. The food is cheap but there isnt anywhere really cheap. They dont really have street food or street food prices. 

But never the less with a £200 budget for 4 days for two of us we only went £9 over the budget. Which is impressive!!
£209 for 4 days. We ate at a range of places as you can see below I have only photographed our main meals.

Eat Greek - Jumeriah Beach
This resturant is always busy as its on the beach front looking at the resturant it looks expensive and of course there is a selection of high end meals (octapus,sea bass,lamb khelftico) but we were happy to pay 51AED each for a lamb, taziki wrap with chips. 

Kebabish Grill - Dubai Mall
We were looking for something cheap so we went to Dubai Mall food court. Theres a choice of fast food resturants ranging from Burger King, Mexican, Pizza Hut etc but we chose the indian. Great choice this was actually my favourite meal during Dubai. There was so much food and so tasty.
I had grilled chicken tikka and Josh had chicken tikka masala. Mine tasted nicer! We got this meal as a combo so it came  with naan,rice, salad and chutneys. 51 AED each.

Retro Feast - Jumeriah Beach
When entering this shack on the beach which by the way is very cute we asked if there is wifi and a toilet. They had neither but it just so happens there is public wifi all along the beach and the public toilets are so posh and wonderful literally. We ate outside on the beach front and luckily we arrived at 11:15 just in time for the breakfast (cheaper) menu. We had an oreo millshake to share 25AED and I had poached eggs with avocado 30AED and Josh had the breakfast burger 36AED.

Reem Al Bawadi- Dubai Marina
Well its always good when locals are eating in the same resturant as you. This resturant is beautiful and over looks the marina which we didnt realise until we entered. Its an arabic resturant with lots of traditional food which I loved. The inside decor was very traditional and the staff made you feel welcome. You can smoke shisha if you like on the bottom level but we didnt so we sat on the second level on the oustide balcony admiring the views. I had a lamb shawarma with chips 45AED Cheese Mana’aosha 20AED (Arabic pastry baked in a brick oven, topped with cheese) with a fresh squeezed orange juice 20AED.

And the rest of the food we ate wasnt picture friendly.

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