Getting to Palawan

From Manila to Palawan.

As were travelling again we had to take the cheapest route so we couldn't just get a flight from Manilla to El Nindo.

Instead we got a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa which takes 1 hour and 10. The Manila domestic departures is really small we flew with Air Asia so we had to go to terminal 4 after going to terminal 2.

As this was our first coach trip we pre booked online with a company called 12goAsia. From Puerto Prinseca to El Nindo is 6 hours by minibus. It cost £10pp. The rookie mistake we made was pre booking our transport. When you get off the plane there are loads of minibuses waiting to go to El Nindo which you could haggle with to get a better price and you wouldn't have to wait around like we did. 

The coach trip was mental you drive up and down winding mountains at literally 60mph hanging on as you go around the bends and bashing into the person next to you. Girls do not sit by the window as you will get squashed. After 3 hours we stopped for lunch. Lunch with an amazing view. Then back to the journey. They make lots of stops to try and cramp on even more people and make more money.

When arriving in El Nindo it was evening so was it was very dark.  We caught a trycle to our hotel Alexzeus Backpackers which cost 100piso but should have cost 50piso. Then we went on the hunt for food. Perfect down the end off our road was a busy place full of people. My first grilled fish of the holiday smothered in coconut sauce. Perfect. 

Palawan we have arrived.

Helpful information: 
  • To book flights and domestic flights I always use as you can search for the entire month to find the cheapest date and the best time.
  • To book our dreadful coach I used I strongly don't recommend that company.
  • From El Nindo bus station to central El Nindo is 50piso.
  • If you want to travel around the best form of transport is to rent a scooter/moped. 500pisa a day (£7.50) or 2000piso for 5 days.
  • You can get the local buses (Jeepneys) from the El Nindo bus station they take you to the beaches for cheap but always consider how will you get back home.

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