Getting to Siquijor

To get from Moalboal to Siquijor the travellers way...

Wake up early (6am) and then hitch a tricycle to the bus station. We paid 50piso pp on the tricycle. Then get the local bus from Moalboal to Santander. The bus cost 85piso pp and takes 2 hours.

When you arrive at the bus station in Santander you have to get another tricycle to the port. Again 50piso pp. The ferry comes at 10am and you can board from 9:30am.

The ferry costs 200piso pp and takes 2 hours and a half. You then arrive in Siquijor.  We stayed in San Juan so got a taxi then to our accommodation. As there was 5 of us we paid 100 piso pp.

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