Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls in Cebu Philippines.


This is by far the only thing to do in Cebu that’s worth the journey. Kawasan falls are amazing. If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me you will be in heaven if you choose to do the canyoneering part which is basically jumping over rocks, sliding down edges and swimming in the deepest of water.
Kawasan falls are natural waterfalls which have so many tourists visiting Philippines mainly because of seeing photographs all over Instagram. The waters are beautiful and turquoise and the sound of the gushing water is so peaceful. Everyone will enjoy this trip.
You can opt to do this as a tour or by yourselves like we did. We literally hired a bike and drove to the waterfalls and when we were close their were loads of tour shops trying to haggle with us, eventually after agreeing a great way cheaper price we had found our company for the day. They provided the life vest, shoes and helmet which is definitely needed. We then parked up the bikes as there was a few of us and split up and then travelled on the back of another motorbike to the waterfall entrance which isn’t very far aware but its off roading and so bumpy.
There are lots of jumps which all lead up to the main jump, which I can proudly say I jumped. The jump off Kawasan falls is 40 meters and believe me you feel like a rocket going into the water its so fun.
Were there surrounded by lots of other tours we were so lucky we were a group of 6 the tours were groups of 20+. You have to clamber to the top of the waterfall to start the canyoneering be careful as its super slippy as we visited in rainy season. Once there time to get straight into the water to keep warm. The journey begins you jump from loads of rocks and boulders in the tightest of spaces and with lots of people watching. Its so fun and the rush is amazing you will find locals doing backflips showing off, the atmosphere is great. Make sure you take a go pro!
There are craft stalls everywhere so if you want to buy anything you will need to take extra cash.


Location: Badian, 6031 Cebu, Philippines
Cost: You will need extra cash to pay to use the rope swing.

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