Mang Inasal

Restaurant Name: Mang Inasal
Location: Vicente Cruz Street Corner Espana Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila
Time Visiting: Multiple
Cost: £

We found Mang Inasal within a shopping mall in Manila which we just so happened to stumble across. We were walking for a while and had decided we were hungry and its time to eat.

We went to food quarter and was spoilt for choice with all the restaurants some well known and some local. After looking at every restaurant and coming practically to the end of choices we spotted one with a bbq grill in the window. The restaurant was the busiest filled with he locals so we thought that's always a good sign.  

You order your food from the till and then the food is brought over to you via table number. You pay when you order. I ordered bbq chicken with rice and Josh ordered spicy bbq chicken with rice. We had a gulaman drink and a ice tea. Then for free they give you a fish soup. We both didn't like the fish soup it had too much of a fish twang to it.

Halo Halo a Pilipino famous desert.

Its basically a weird ice cream sugary desert. The texture is so strange as you have jelly, shaved ice, and beans which is cold but then the taste is a contrast as its so sugary until you bite into a kidney bean. 

Atmosphere - 8 
Food - 8
Venue -3

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