Manila in a nutshell

Manila has made me realise Im deffinately the island beach girl.
Manila is very very cheap! But doesn't really have much to offer.  So 3 nights and 2 days was quite lengthy. 

If you decide to go to Manila one night/day is enough

Firstly the filipino people are so lovely and they love helping. They are very happy and love tourist’s. If you stay in the outskirts like we did everyone will look at you and say hello. In Manila this isn't as common though. Most people speak english and their is security everywhere.

Public transport is fun and cheap a much better option then getting a taxi as the roads are always congested and it would take you twenty minuets to get down the road which is on the meter. The local buses are a good experience of everyday filipino lifestyle. There very small and over crowded locals swing off the back of the bus and you often see 5 next to the driver. They do not have air conditioning so if in traffic it gets very hot and you end up sitting and sticking to your seat. A long haul trip on the bus costs 10piso.

They also of course have trains which again get you from A - B. The nice thing is at every station and shopping mall you have to be scanned by security and have your bag searched. There is always someone on hand in the station to help. We used the ticket machine as the que was smaller and brought a one way ticket for 20piso each. They do not have day passes and far too many people get on so your always squashed.

The food in Manila is better then in the local areas. As when you stay in the local area - you live how the local area does. In Moonwalk Parañaque the majority of food places are street eateries and with a stomach like mine that just isn't going to be ok. The street food is out all day and night and flies can just do there thing. Im all up for trying new foods so long as its safe and I wont get ill.

In Manila there are all types of restaurants and fast food places. The malls have food quarters which is a really good inexpensive way to try new foods. We ate and discovered Halo-Halo a weird
Ice cream desert which includes kidney beans, ice cream and more. In the “fast food” restaurants at least you are sort of guaranteed to not get ill. 

Like all of asia there are super markets everywhere the main one being 7/11. Which we practically got most things from some prices are below:
  • 300ml brandy 58piso ( approx 90p)
  • 350ml bottle of water 10piso (approx 15p)
  • Oreo packet 48piso (approx 74p)
  • Pot noodle 27piso (approx 40p)
  • Salt and vinegar big pack of crisps 16piso ( approx 20p) McDonalds medium big mac meal 174piso (approx £2.60)
  • Can of coke 30piso (approx 45p)
We have used mosquito repellent during the day and night but surprisingly there seems to be hardly any mosquitos around. I haven't been bit so far touch wood and Josh only has 2 bites. The weather this time of year is very humid so its very sticky and our apartment only has cold water so cold showers it is!

Something to mention is if your using a travel card like we are everywhere in the philippines charges to take money out the bank.  When normally with our card its free of charge.  As expected there are lots of stray cats but there is also loads of stray skinny dogs which is upsetting. 

Would I come back to Manila? My honest answer is no. I am an island girl. If theres a beach I will be fine but the hustle and bustle of the city isn't for me. 

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