New Years Eve in Dubai

New years eve in Dubai on a budget. Means one thing no partying even if you really want too. So instead we were split between ideas to see the fireworks at The Burj Al Arab or to watch the laser show at The Burj Khalifa....

Tricky choice but we chose the laser show. Wrong choice. What an anti climax as its Dubai we assumed it was going to be amazing. The anticipation was building and the atmosphere was insane so many people!! But the phenomenal laser show wasn't what we had hoped. We waited for two hours without food (apart from a bag of crisps and an choc ice) as we didn't want to loose our fab space on the floor at the front. It was all over after 5 minuets and all that happened was the Burj lighted red, blue and white a few times.. 

We have now realised we were at the back end of the Burj Khalifa so the laser show we saw wasn't the front(best) part -typical. The fireworks at Burj Al Arab looked amazing.

They shut the roads on New Years Eve and the Dubai Mall metro stop was closed. As so many people gather for New Years. But the part I found weird and I will have to google the answer was the fact there were hundreds of men but no women. Luckily myself an Josh were able to queue in the family section.  To get home the Metro was free of charge to ensure there wasn't any congestion which was perfect for us as our travel cards ran out at 12:00pm. 

Earlier in the day we attempted to go Zero Gravity but they had an entrance fee of £239 AED and Barista beach which is normally free where charging £250 AED for a New Years Eve party.  So Jumeriah public beach it was..

All in all we didnt spend any money and we will always have the Burj Khalifa for New Years Eve 2017 as a memeory although it didnt even make it into our top 5 best moments of 2017.

Note to self - next time take food water and more water.

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