Accommodation In Moalboal

We booked one night via at JJ’s place and then stayed there 3 nights.

From now on we only book one night to ensure we like the place and cant find a room cheaper elsewhere. We had our own double room for the first night which was basic with shared bathroom and again cold shower. Then the following two nights we stayed in a mixed dormitory  which was our first time ever doing anything like that.

The mixed dorm was actually pleasant due to the people staying with us. They were so nice and that's why we stayed. The accommodation isn't great but you get what you pay for. 

588 piso per person to stay in the mixed dorm with breakfast included.
That was the cheapest price we could find and we asked around. But one benefit of JJs place is its very social and lots of free alcohol and drinking games.

Stay at JJ’s place if you want somewhere cheap, social and closeish to the beach front. Do not stay there if you want a hot shower, comfy bed and a good nights sleep!


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