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An overview of Bali

Bali is a small island, you can pretty much drive to most places within two/three hours depending on the traffic. The traffic in Bali is ridiculous cars don't stay in their lanes and the motor bikers drive up the paths. Bike life is the best life but always wear a helmet.

The majority of the people in Bali are Hindu’s which is different to Java where the majority are Muslim. On every other road there is a temple like building which is why a lot of people fall in love with the place, the beauty. Some of the temples are stunning and really help give the island it’s good energy I think.

You will also see flowers with cigarettes and tokens on a banana leaf on the floor on mornings. This is what the locals put out everyday to give to their god.

There isn't hardly any pork on the island which I don't mind and alcohol is hard to buy. When you do finally find it in the big supermarkets its expensive on a travellers budget. The people of Bali seem friendly but really they want something i.e to sell you something or to take you somewhere. Basically just like us English and most other western places in the world in that sense.

  • Jimbaran - with the locals
  • Kuta - the cheap holiday destination place
  • Seminyak - the high end holiday destination place
  • Ubud - nice villas and rainforest/rice field area
  • Uluwatu - surfing
From our experience we haven't found Bali to be the safest of places. Whilst driving home on our bike at night we pulled over to check the directions, luckily Josh was holding the phone and not me. Next thing some local on their bike drove right next to us and tried to grab our iPhone. Thankfully it never worked but even so it wasn't very nice to experience.

Next, we were driving home from the beach and this time the police pulled us over and asked to see our driving license. After showing a full UK driving license the police man said you need to pay 1,000,000 IDR as a fine as this is not an international license. Obviously we laughed as its a full UK license and valid anywhere. Once he realised we were not stupid he said we can go, but its definitely something to watch out for! My bet is that they make some decent money doing that everyday as it equates to over £50. What a joke, nice try. 

Bali isn't as expensive as we thought. As travellers our main saving is staying in an apartment and being able to cook several meals. The bike rentals in Bali are considerably cheaper you can hire a bike for 50,000 IDR a day. 

You can haggle at the local market stall to get a good buy or drink a beer in the local bar for 45,000 IDR.

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