Bandung in 2 days


Bandung is an amazing city. As you gander you notice right away that it has both small less modern establishments but also larger wealthier westernised establishments. It is the capital of West Java and so there are both sky scrapers and huge 5 star hotels.

It has everything you would want except there is no beach and extremely busy congested roads. There is a wide choice of restaurants and the shopping malls are fancier than most of the shopping malls in England. There isn't many pharmacies only supermarkets.

The locals all seem to wear the masks which cover their mouths and after two days I felt like I should too due to all the car fumes. The people we have met so far have been incredibly helpful and super friendly. I really advise speaking to the locals as much as possible, as often they can help with everything you need!

The only thing I am struggling with is the currency. I'm not the best with maths and 18,000 IDR is approx. £1. It gets confusing. 

Indonesia is a Muslim country and you can hear the prayers whilst your out and about through the microphones. We have visited during rainy season and the weather is very humid, but also has nice hot spells.

So far we have found Bandung to be extremely reasonable for what you get in return. The Indonesian portion size is much bigger than that in the Philippines and the standard of food is better. A very nice meal in a nice high end restaurant without a drink would be 45,000 IDR, so around £2.50, this impressed the most.

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