Bilar Man Made Forest

A man made forest built on the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. Its so high and when your inside the forest its so cold and it doesn't feel like summer anymore as the mahogany trees shade the sun. Its so nice to think someone has planted trees and done something nice for the environment and made a tourist attraction at the same time.

The man made forest lasts for about a 5 minuet drive and there is a sign just before but when you enter you will know you've found the forest. If you pull over and wait for no traffic (as lots of coaches pass with tourists going to chocolate hills)  its silent. You can hear nothing.

That's why its so good to take a photo in the road as you can hear if something is coming and the photo looks so good as the road bends and you can capture the forest height.

This is on the way to chocolate hills so you can do both in one day. If you find a spot with no tourists take your photos as around the corner there will guaranteed be more tourists.

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