Cambugahay Falls

Walking down the stairs surrounded by nature, green sky scraping trees and the sound of flowing water. 232 steps later your at the bottom and you can see the beautiful 3 tier waterfalls.

Waterfalls are always my favourite they sound so therapeutic and look amazing. If you can swim or jump in the waterfall even better.

At cambugahay falls you can swim and jump from the swings its such a fun day out. The water is deep, there are tourists but not that many so its still very enjoyable.  

Note do not do what I did: I threw my go pro thinking it had a float on the end and it sank. We spent ages trying to find it on the floor. Luckily my friend found it so free dinner for her!!

To get to cambugahay falls you can either opt to get a tricycle or find it on a bike which is best as you can explore the whole island. The best way to find it is use maps on your phone you don't need Wi-Fi.

You can hire a tour guide if you prefer but its so small it isn't needed. Its free entrance and then to jump from the rope swings it 50 piso per swing. 

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