Duli beach

Duli Beach - El Nido

Again another breath taking beach with no crowds.

Its a simple beach not many tourists or locals just a surf school in the very far distance. Duli beach is very wavy so its perfect for surfing. There is one tiny restaurant but the price is very expensive for travellers like us, if your on holiday then of course its very cheap.

The white sand goes for miles and the sea is crystal clear when your in the sea you can see your toes at all times. There isn't much shade and when entering the beach you have to pay 50 piso each pp.

The journey to Duli Beach is an adventure within itself. Make sure the person riding the bike is confident. You can only get to Duli Beach by bike. 

Like Nacpan you leave El Nido centre and go straight (North) you pass Nacpan and on the left and keep driving for another ten minuets. You will then come across a white sign to the left saying Duli Beach you cant miss it. Take that left.

You will now be driving off road for about 40 minuets up hills, down hills, very un even, through puddles, around goats, over swamps and between bushes. The bike journey is very tough but can be done as we did it without falling or crashing. I was holding on for dear life and praying for the best and it worked.

You then come to a barrier where you pay the entrance fee and then the beach is literally 5 minuets away. When you get to the beach you realise why its so empty, the drive to Duli Beach is hard. 

If your travelling take a picnic aka crisps, chocolate whatever just anything cheap to eat as you wont want to be leaving and returning for lunch.

Duli Beach is my second favourite beach of the island. 

The reason why its second is Nacpan has a better view and a easier ride. But the beach is still amazing and definitely worth the adventure! 

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