From Bandung to Subaraya

To get to Subaraya the capital of East Java from Bandung is simple. You either fly or get the train.

We caught the train. Yes I was hoping id be able to stick my head out the window and take a typical Instagram photo looking back at the train. But no, the windows were sealed and good job because its like being on a fair ride. Bumpy, bumpy!!! 

The train takes 15 hours and departs at two different times. We caught the 16:50 train. Its an over night train.
You can pay for Executive class , Business class  or Economy class. We chose Business class - which meant air conditioning (not very good) and a chair which doesn't recline. There are plug sockets and over head shelves for your luggage. The executive class cabin of course is more expensive and the only difference is you get recliner chairs. 

Economy class is the cheapest class and it doesn't have air con and the seats are basic. So that was a no from us! 15 hours we needed a comfy seat!
We watched the day turn into night and all different towns pass us by. Then we woke up in Subaraya.
Subaraya isn't the last stop so make sure you don't sleep through the stop! 

325,000 IDR each. 

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