From Gili T to Lombok

 Gili T to Lombok we caught the slow boat which isn't very slow. The boat takes 45 minuets and is a small oblong boat. You get your ticket from the harbour and don't be fooled when they say no one else has brought a ticket so you will have to wait for 45 people. That's there way of trying to get you to pay 80,000 IDR for the fast boat.

Also, when you get to Lombok do not let anyone take your luggage as they will then ask for money as they carried your luggage.

We needed to travel to Kuta which was so easy we got off the boat and people then come up to you asking if you want transport. We had our own car thank god as the roads are so bendy, up and down stop start. 

15,000 IDR per person for the boat ride (45 minuets)
175,000 IDR per person for the car journey (2 hours)

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