Getting to Bohol

There are several ways to get to Bohol.

You can fly to Bohol as the airport is in Taglibaran City.
Or you can do as we did and get the ferry.

We travelled from siquijor to Bohol by night ferry. Its 3 and a half hours and you can get a ticket with a bed or just a seat. I wasn't so caught up on the idea of getting a bed until we started moving when you lie down its so comfy and you don't feel the movement so you don't get travel sick.

The ferry is big 3 floors with many people. Its all locals, us and another couple where the only western people. 

280 piso per person

But out adventure really started when we docked in Bohol. Trying to find our hotel at 12pm at night was impossible. Our trycyle driver decided it would be a good idea to see if we wanted to stay at the lovers inn and yes as the name suggests its 300 piso for 3 hours. That was a big no from me  so we drove the whole way to Pangloa island to then have to go back to the city and stay in a different hotel. 

But once we had paid and got to our room I was happy to finally rest!

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