Island Hopping

Island Hopping In El Nido - TOUR A!
You can opt to do Tour A,Tour B, Tour C or Tour Z. Tour A (cheapest) and Tour C (most expensive) are the most popular. 

So many tours to choose from and so many shops/stalls to buy from. Which one to choose? Well lets face it every tour is going to be amazing because El Nido in general is paradise.

We watched some vlogs and then decided to do Tour A as lots of people online recommend that tour and its the cheapest tour.

Everywhere in El Nido sells Tour A for 1200 piso which doesn't include the environmental fee which is another 200 piso. (They don't tell you about that until your on the boat) 

But we brought the tour including the environmental fee for 900 piso.  Ask the locals for the cheapest provider. Do not buy from a shop. Make sure you wear comfortable water shoes/sandals its rocky.

Luckily for us our hotel offered the tour at 900 so bingo we booked directly from our hotel which was perfect. 

Now the good stuff!

You walk to El Nido local beach at 8:30am and then the fun begins. Your boat for the day is anchored in the sea. The fun begins trying to get to your boat. A waterproof bag would be a great idea everyone sells them in El Nido the price we were quoted was 250 piso. We didn't get one though instead Josh walked to the boat with the rucksack above his head. Thank god he is tall. Typical I walked to the boat and a huge wave got me so I went head under - that's my makeup for the day ruined!

You all get on the boat approx. 26 people and then set sail! Prepare for incredible views. Our tour guide was amazing he told us the history of the islands, explained the marine life and described the beauty of the islands to set the scene.

Tour A includes:
  • Secret Lagoon
  • Shimizu Island
  • Small Lagoon
  • Big Lagoon
  • 7 Commando Beach

Secret Lagoon

This is the first stop. You sail for about 15 minuets then dock at this tiny island. You have to swim to shore and be careful there are lots of rocks which you can injur yourself on. Once on the shore you will be wanting to photograph everything its gorgeous, like a little slice of heaven. The sand is white with no one apart from your tour around and the sea is turquoise crystal clear. The cliffs are sky high and when taking this all in at once - you think your dreaming!

The secret lagoon is beautiful you have to climb through a hole in a rock to enter the lagoon. Again, of course its phenomenal. Its a fresh water lagoon and the sun was shining directly on us. Picture perfect.

After staying for 15 minuets you swim back to the boat and then set sail for Shizimu Island. You are given life jackets its your choice to wear them or not. I'm a very strong swimmer so was comfortable not having my life jacket on and I didn't want that bulky thing in the photos.

Shizimu Island

The snorkel and lunch spot. You have an hour on the bigger but still small island. You can buy fresh coconuts for 50 piso and there is a toilet. There are other boats here with you people doing the same tours with different providers.

The beach and sea is amazing you are provided with snorkel gear and can wonder in the ocean and go and explore for marine life. Its very wavy and there are shells/stones on the sea shore hence why water shoes are preferred.

You eat lunch here and its so fun to watch the crew bring the   food from the boat through the sea to the shore. The fish is cooked on the boat in an open fire ready for lunch. Drink as much as you can as this is the only time you get a drink. Its a good idea to bring your own bottle of water as its a long  day.

Big Lagoon

You have the option to hire a kayak at the Big Lagoon which is a really good idea because like the name suggests. The lagoon is big and you cant swim it. The kayak is 400 piso.

You spend an hour here and believe me the time flies, its so peaceful. If you thought the water was clear before wait till you get to this lagoon you can see the coral reefs directly below you and the fish. This is the perfect place for getting your new profile picture as every angle of this lagoon is beautiful. 

Small Lagoon

Here you have the option to hire another kayak but it is not necessary. You can swim and its very shallow. You get 40 minuets here. 

We swam with our snorkels and got to see lots of coral and a few fishes. This smaller lagoon is as you would guess, a smaller version of the big lagoon. If at anytime you don't want to get off the boat you don't have too.

7 Commando Beach

The beach is lovely, white sand, clear sea, palm trees and a rope swing. There is a beach bar and lots of boats stop here so its very busy. You can only get to this beach via boat. The beach is great but over crowded due to the boats with people. You spend an hour here and then its back to the boat and home time.

You get back to El Nido at 5pm and then have to wade through the water again back to shore.

All in all this trip is a must you get to experience views out of this world. So much so you think your dreaming and all the people are so friendly and its worth the money!


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