Kanto Lampo

The waterfall which is hardest to find but the most spectacular. Kanto Lampo in Bali is the main waterfall and the first one which comes up when you use google.

Its gorgeous you can climb the waterfall and swim in the waters. The guides get the best photos of you and there isn't too many steps which is perfect especially if your unfit like me! 

You have an area to put your belongings but its very small so only bring what you need and of course there is always tourist’s. The waterfall is like a massage and you can spend ages there just watching the water fall.

Good luck finding this one. We got lost, lost again and then found our way finally. We even went to another waterfall thinking it was Kanto Lampo. The best way is to use GPRS/maps on your phone. It works without internet. Then if all else fails ask the locals and hope you ask someone that actually knows. When your close you will find this sign:

10,000 IDR per person. 
If you opt for a guide/someone to take photos you have to tip them.

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