Kawah Putih

It looks like the end of the world but really were ontop of the world on a cloudy  day, we were at Kawah Puti.

The lake inside a crater which is on top of a volcano. This was the only day trip we did whilst staying in Bandung. It took us the whole day. 

Kawah Putih is 1hr10 away from Bandung but as there is lots and lots of traffic it took us 2.5hours. The roads are smooth and there are towns the whole way and several petrol stations. 

The day we chose to visit it rained so we were biking in the rain but luckily the bike we hired came with rain coats so it wasn't as bad.  

As we were driving I could see the clouds in the distance and I new we would have limited vision when at the top. The best time to visit is on a clear day so you can see for miles.

Your only allowed 15 minuets at the top due to the fumes being a danger to your health. It smells like egg and the water is apparently warm.

We used the map on our phone and asked the locals. Getting out of Bandung city centre was the hardest due to the one way systems and the crazy driving. You drive south and hope for the best. 

When you come across the below photos, you've made it.

When arriving at the bottom of the mountain we assumed we could drive part the way up and then walk. But your not allowed you have to get a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus and the entrance fee is 90,000 IDR each.  

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