Kelingking Beach - Nusa Penida

Yes, its as good as it looks. This beach was the best beach I have ever been too IN MY LIFE! The photo doesnt do the view justice its amazing, breath taking, out of this world. Kelingking beach is on the island Nusa Penida which is a little island off Bali. You can visit from Bali as a day trip or if your travelling spend a few nights there we did, it was well worth it. If you get a moped you can really explore the island how you want. Kelingking beach is known as the dinosaur and egg island, because thats what it looks like.

But, the question is.. do you clamber down the cliff with the minority or stay and admire from the top... Stupid question of course I'm going down - the sea was calling my name and I was certain id be able to make it down and up again in my fabulous, trustworthy £1 primark flip-flops.

Luckily on the way down I didn't notice the sign which read "climb at your own risk, danger of death" as at that moment in time i wasn't thinking of anything other then I want to roll on the beautiful golden sand and splash around in the crystal heavenly sea. 

So off we went down the cliff, not many people take the route as if your scared of heights its definitely a no go. You literally walk down the cliff and you only have a rope to hold onto and at some points no rope at all, its scary but at the scary point your already half way down so its not like you can turn around. Trainers would be a good idea, not a maxi dress which I kept standing on and stupid flip flops. In the end the maxi dress had to come off, it was such a trip hazard and i couldn't risk falling off the cliff. So after taking a million photos in my dress into the rucksack it went. Make sure you have sunscreen on as there is no shade.

The clamber down takes about 20/30 minuets, lots of steps, climbing, scrambling and at the end jumping. The view on the way down is incredible you just have to stop and admire the view wherever you feel safest as for me once I had started descending down the cliff face I didn't want to stop incase I realised what I was actually doing. The further down you go the louder the waves, you could hear the waves crashing with full force onto the beach. 

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I made it to the bottom in one piece, very thirsty, but I made it. 
one word, wow. The beach was beyond beautiful it was perfect. The journey down was well worth it. The beach was something you'd imagine from a novel you've read or from the fanciest film. It  was amazing, I sat down and relaxed for a while and then I went in the sea. The sea was so strong and powerful you can't swim, quite scary how powerful it is really. But never the less, it was beautiful and refreshing. The crashing waves could put you to sleep and there is a cave which provides shade. 

You have the beach to yourself as hardly anyone climbs down and then the people who do climb down all scatter around so you basically have the little cove to yourself. Kelingking beach is a dream.

Getting back up is the hardest part as if your like me you will have no energy left so good luck with getting up! I felt like I was going to fall backwards off the cliff but it was ok. Going up is worse then going down, cling on for dear life thats what I did. 

5,000 IDR for parking the beach is free

Bunga Mekar
Nusa Penida
Klungkung Regency

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