Kenza Cafe Lombok

When you get that craving for a smoothie bowl so you go on the hunt. Its the middle of the day and smoothe bowls are for breakfast. But we stumbled across this western cafe which said “super smoothie bowls” so inside we went.

I orderd the smoothie bowl called mermaid kiss is was delicious and looked so pretty. It cost 55,000 IDR and had yogurt, granola, banana, dragon fruit, berries and coconut. 
Josh chose lunch which was a really nice Thai Green curry and of course he had to get the chocolate cake for his chocolate cravings but I dont mind as we always share.

The cafe was large and had a hippy feel to it there were lots of other people eating too. The cafe was more expensive then other places we have ate in Lombok but when you want a smoothie bowl you want a smoothie bowl.

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 6
Venue: 7

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