Lombok is a bigger island in Indonesia. The main tourist spots are Senggigan and Kuta  The city centre is Mataram. Lombok is popular for surfing as every where rents surf boards, repairs surfboards and surfing lessons.

We are staying in Kuta and from the port it takes 2 hours to get here and costs 175,000 IDR pp.  Kuta has loads of restaurants and bars there is so many and not enough people. All the accommodation in Kuta is homestays or really expensive villas. We are staying in Sawe Homestay which is just off the main road. 

There are two pharmacies/hospitals in Kuta and they are very expensive compared to main land java. You can rent a bike very easily at 45,000 IDR per day. Everyone in Kuta has good English but in the North no one speaks English.

Kuta has a gorgeous local beach called Tanjung Aan and then there are beaches further out. The majority of people in Lombok are Muslim and everyday you can hear the prayers.

There is lots of mosquitos and creepy crawlers as its so green practically like the rainforest. So insect repellent is a must. Kuta also has lots of children selling things and they come up and ask you during dinner, on the beach whenever they see you. But if you want a bracelet its cheaper to buy from them at 5,000 IDR. 

Kuta also has an airport which fly's to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesian cities only. Perfect for us as were flying to Singapore.

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