Merah Puti

Its valentines so  Merah Puti it is a traditional posh Indonesian restaurant in Seminyak. This restaurant is very high end and meals range from 70,000 IDR to 270,000 IDR. You must book a table as its always booked out.

As you enter the restaurant your amazed the ceiling is so high and you can hear the echo of running water. Then when you look up soft lights and man made trees stretch across the walls. The mood is set by the low lighting and the candle lit tables. The staff of course are all super helpful and polite.

Now the hard part choosing which cocktail you want from the drinks menu. Cocktails are 120,000 IDR and non alcoholic are 50,000 IDR.

First you get a complimentary fish soup which was a coconut flavour and delicious of course setting the standard.

To start we had king prawns and chicken. 

Then for main I had lamb and Josh had duck. We had a side of sweet potato fritters and coconut/lemongrass rice. This was the best rice ever! I cant wait to try and cook it at home. The best £1 spent ever! 

Then to finish we ordered a desert the variety wasn't the best so I opted for the drink and treat which was a white chocolate martini with a lemon meringue for 75,000 IDR and Josh had the only chocolatey thing on the menu, chocolate mouse 70,000 IDR.

Food: 8
Venue: 10
Armosphere: 9

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