Mount Bromo

Surabaya is the capital of East Java and after travelling from Bandung we were expecting big things. We quickly realised that Surabaya actually doesn't have anything to offer except the tours to Mount Bromo. After careful planning and thought of our full travelling plans we actually decided against going!

Crazy I know, especially after the fact Mount Bromo is the reason we visited Surabaya in the first place but once we got there the price was far too expensive so we had to pass. Further down the line there will be another opportunity to climb volcanos so its not all bad. Oh and not to mention were both injured with bad knees so it would take us triple the time to climb.

BUT if you want to visit Mount Bromo I can still give some cool insight and help!! You can opt to do it alone by taking a bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo and then another from Probolinggo to Mount Bromo. The buses are regular enough and there is a night bus if your going for sunrise.
You can sleep overnight in a guest house and then walk 1-2 hours to the first ledge then pay for a jeep to take you to the crater. 

If you want to climb mount bromo as a package it would cost 800,000 IDR each without staying the night. This includes taking you to the volcano, taking you up etc. and then bringing you back. The pick up time would be around 11pm as you wouldn’t be staying overnight.  Or you can choose to stay in a guest house so you would get a few hours sleep before waking up for the sunrise, this is around 1,000,000 IDR per person.

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