Nacpan Beach - El Nido


Nacpan Beach the most beautiful beach on the island which isn't over crowded and only 30 minuets from El Nido. Nacpan beach has a bar/restaurant and amazing views. You can also see other islands in the distance and the sunset is amazing.

A fresh coconut is 50 piso
Grilled fish and rice is 250 piso 

First things first how to get to Nacpan beach.
The cheapest and most efficient way is by motorbike/scooter.
 The second best is on a tricycle.

From El Nido centre everyone is hustling to take you to Nacpan beach. You can haggle and get a one way trip for 800 piso. But remember you need to be able to get home. So you can book a return trip and believe it or not they will wait for you....

You could get a Jeepney(local bus) but they aren't as frequent, take for ages, you have to sit on the roof and then walk the off road bit.

We rented a scooter best idea yet. We rented a bike for 5 days. A day rate is 500 piso but for 5 days we got it for 400 a day. To fill the tank its 200 piso but 100 piso also shows the tank to be full oddly enough. 

To get to Nacpan beach its a straight run from El Nido centre and the journey is amazing. The views are unbeatable and you ride through some small towns. 

You have to leave the centre of El Nido and you literally drive straight (North) for approx 30 minuets until you come across the red sign below.

You then have to drive off road for 15 minuets which is a bumpy ride but so worth it. Its bumpy but not a hard drive. You have to pay 50 piso pp for the first time as an entrance fee. There is free parking and you will find loads of other motorbikes/scooters parked up.

The beach itself goes for miles and the beach isn't over crowded in fact its the opposite. Its so peaceful you can sunbathe listening to the sounds of the ocean with a dog bark here and there. Its very clean and the water is crystal clear.

I would recommend Nacpan beach to everyone, this was my favourite beach of the island.

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