Nusa Penida vs Nusa Lembongan

In our opinion we preferred Nusa Penida. The island was small and not over crowded. You could rent a bike easily and there were a few nice cheap places to eat. But mainly there was lots to do, and the things to do were fantastic for example Kelingking beach and 
Suwehan beach.

Most people visit Nusa Penida as a day trip from Lembongan but as we wanted to visit the beaches we wouldn't have had long enough on the island. Kelingking beach and Suwehan beach have been one of my favourite day trips so far both on Penida. 

Nusa Lembongan however is a smaller island with lots and lots of restaurants/bars. It has travellers and people on holiday. The accommodation is a lot better on Lembongan as the island caters for tourists. But the things to do aren't as good and the beaches are smaller. It is also slightly more expensive. Again, you can rent a bike easily.

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