Our accommodation - Bali

Balisee Apartments.

Finally living in luxury for 11 days its amazing. Having a hot shower and being able to cook your own breakfast is something that makes me so happy. Its funny how we do take everything for granted when were back home. 

Having an apartment has really helped keep our budget down as we only eat out on some days the rest of the time we are the chefs at home.  There are many supermarkets on the island but trying to find meat to buy is extremely hard. 

The apartment is in Jimbaran which is a ten minuet drive from Kuta. The apartment also has wifi and a pool so its perfect we booked this through booking.com and this was one of the cheapest villas online.

To get from the airport to the villa always get a taxi on the meter do not go with someone who hassles you and gives you a fixed price. 

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