Accommodation in Bohol

I stayed at GV Hotel Taglibaran city next to the port.
This wasn't our plan but it just sort of happened. We couldn't find our hotel on Pangloa island the first night so we ended up here and have stayed ever since. 

This is a Filipino budget hotel, which we are very pleased with. Nice clean room with no insects, fresh towels everyday, cold shower but the drain works so a puddle isn't left, Wi-Fi and a TV with a movie channel in English!

550 piso for the room every night - sweet deal. 

You can hire a bike directly from the hotel which we did on one of the days. Bad idea though! As we already had our plan for the day we was in a rush and should have rejected the moped which was brought to us. It was a banger. Yes you guessed it we had our first crash. Trying to find the waterfalls in Dimio we went down a slope which was wet and the clay was slippy and off we went onto the ground.

I grinned and acted ok Josh was bleeding from the knee and then Infelt faint. I'm not good with blood, I don't mind my own blood but seeing someone else hurt doesn't mix well with me. So then I thought I was going to faint. We got up pushed the bike up the hill and drove back to where we had lunch. Then they took us to the doctors/hospital 150 piso to clean and dress both our cuts and bandage Joshes leg. Good job we went there, better safe then sorry.

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