Accommodation in Gili T

There were lots of different homestays in Gili T but we decided to stay at Dayak Homestay as on booking the rating was the highest for the cheapest. Were glad we stayed there. The host was really friendly and happy and the location was perfect just off the main road (the road which leads to everywhere) 

The laundry was cheapest at our homestay too at 15,000 IDR per kilo everywhere else was 25,000 IDR. We got a banana pancake every morning and unlimited tea and coffee. To hire a push bike it costs 40,000 IDR for 24 hours. You can walk everywhere by foot but its fun to cycle around the island on one of the days.

I didn't take a photo I forgot but the room of course was basic  with a double bed and cold shower, toilet and sink. We did have a Terrance so we could sit outside. The room was so hot even with the fan you constantly felt damp.

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