Overview of Gili T

Gili T is an island based purely on tourism. Its a tiny island with only food places and accomadation. 

The island is so small you can cycle around it within 25 minuets. No motors are allowed so bikes and horse and carriage only. 

As its a small island its expensive compared to Bali and Lombok (bigger islands). Its great for snorkelling but the beaches arent the best as they arent very big and are over crowded.

In my opionin I was expecting more from the Gili Islands and wouldnt be in a rush to go back. The nightlife is great you can have a chilled evening or go wild at one of the clubby bars.

The hostels on the island are very partyish so you would deffinately make friends and have a few hangovers.
The snorkelling trip was good for your money I would reccomend that especially as you get to see turtles!

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