Paliton Beach

The beach is lovely and secluded with clear water and white sand.  When you lie on the beach its so relaxing as all you can hear is the sound of the ocean.

The beach is very small but it doesn't matter as there aren't many people on the beach. You will find some locals who can cut you down a coconut if you like and small fishing boats.

The marine life is amazing bring a snorkel. Its like an underwater garden. The sea is home to lots of things and on Paliton beach we have saw a water snake, star fish (loads), fish, crabs, flying fish and sea urchins.

The sunset on Paliton beach is amazing so many colours fill the sky. 

Everywhere is a straight line in Siquijor so you drive into Paliton (San Juan) just past “mango tango” then take the left. Easy peasy.  

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