The Philippines is beautiful. We have stayed for 30 days from Jan 1st 2018 to 30th Jan 2018. 
The 30 day visa is free.

Our itinerary was as follows:
Manilla 3 nights
Palawan (El Nido) 9 nights
Cebu (Moalboal) 4 nights
Siquijor 5 nights
Bohol 8 nights 


You can find rich and poor in the same neighbourhood and there is security everywhere. They even have security guards who check your bags in the shopping centres. The country is very safe.

The people of Philippines are so friendly and happy and they love to help. Weather that be giving you directions, teaching you the language or telling you some good local places to eat.

The mangos are so juicy and the sweetest I've ever tried. They have fresh coconuts everywhere for sale as they grow on practically every other tree.

They love western people but I think the majority of people are only used to white men. In Philippines every other couple is a white man and Filipino woman its really common.

60% of the people say hello when you pass especially school children. The children have better English than the older generation. Moped are the most common form of transport. You could get a Jeepney which is the local bus but you never know when they are going to turn up and when they turn up if their going to be over capacity or not. Another common form of transport is the tricycles they can pester you for a ride and again prices vary. Always haggle!

The food in Philippines isn't the best in our opinion and the portion size is tiny. We have been here 30 days and I've never craved healthy food before now.

The cities are over crowded and there is loads of traffic the roads are crazy they do drive like lunatics always over taking. You will hear about 100 beeps within 10 minutes which is cars over taking bikes or other cars. At night time the city sleeps and not much is going on. The food in the city is only fast food or street food and the sewers do have a smell.

The Philippines is cheap of course, but not as cheap as we expected. An average meal with the cheapest drink i.e. can of coke is 260 piso pp and the accommodation varies dramatically depending on your budget. A moped to rent for the day varies in price depending on location and how long you want to rent the bike from. The bike prices range from 250 piso - 500 piso per day.

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