Pink beach Lombok

Pink beach Lombok is famous for its pink beach. Of course I was expecting to be able to see the pink from miles off but you cant. When you watch the sea wash up on the shore that's when you can see the contrast of the pink sand. 

The sea is calm and very shallow there isn't any rocks which is nice as you can walk out into the water without a worry in the world. The beach itself is small and simple of course we brought a coconut there our favourite things. We spent a few hours here and then set off back home.

Getting here
Its a long ride but the roads are all smooth until you turn off for the pink beach. Then it gets fun. The road is bumpy and there are no road marking or hardly any signs for pink beach. Your off roading for about 30 minuets until you come to the cashier. 

50,000 IDR per person so its very expensive for what it is.

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