Pizzeria Regina - Gili T

Restaurant Name: Pizzeria Regina
Location: Gili T
Time Visiting: Evening
Cost: £

Sometimes when travelling for such a long time you craze pizza or something similar to food at home. Pizzeria Regina hit the spot and as you can see the pizzas were huge. We should have had one and shared but whenever we go out to eat and were hungry we always order thinking were really hungry. I think I actually ate 3 slices. But then you can take the pizza home in a pizza box.

This pizza place has a massive clay oven and you can see your pizza cooking. The restaurant was really busy and we decided to try it as its ranked very high on trip advisor.

Bintang is the local beer and comes in lemon, grapefruit or normal beer flavour. I didn't like beer before travelling but as its the cheapest alcohol on the menu and the safest Lemon Bintang it is! The small bintang costs 35,000 IDR.

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 6
Venue: 3

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