Snorkelling Gili T

Snorkelling trip around Gili T. You have 4 snorkel spots and you stop for lunch on Gili Air.  You have to meet at 10:30 at the harbour then you return at 3pm. It was such a fun good day out. The only snorkel point name I remember is turtle point as your grunted to see a turtle. I've never saw a turtle in the sea before so this was a really special moment for me. It was amazing. 

There are about 30 people on your boat and at the snorkel spots there are other boats. I really enjoyed this trip is was relaxed and you got enough time in the water to enjoy the snorkelling. Some snorkel spots where better then others as there was coral and bright fish other spots were dull with nothing to see.

Underwater statues

Beautiful Turtle
Our Group
100,000 IDR per person, lunch isnt included. 

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