Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok

When staying in Kuta in Lombok this is the best local beach and believe me its amazing. The sand is so white and soft and the sea is a beautiful clear turquoise. There aren't any rocks so the walk into the sea is comfortable and relaxing. On the weekend the beach is very busy full of locals but mid week its quiet and so peaceful. There is a sunset point as well where you can walk up the nearest mountain to watch sunset.

You can buy a coconut for 20,000 IDR or eat in the really nice restaurant which sells local food for great prices. We had rain one afternoon so decided to take shelter and have a bite to eat. Below is my nasi goreng from the resto which cost 30,000 IDR.

Getting here
Its a 15 minuet dive from Kuta.

10,000 IDR for parking

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