The W Hotel - WOOBAR

The W Hotel for the evening. This hotel is in Seminyak and has lots of bars and restaurants open for the public. Its amazing and very expensive. But of course the 241 cocktails caught my eye. 4pm - 6pm 145,000 IDR in the WOOBAR which is fantastic for sunset as its practically on the beach.

Typical, we arrived at 6:10pm so we missed the 241 cocktails! It took us an hour and ten to travel 20 minuets due to the crazy traffic. Even though we missed the cocktail offer we still managed to watch the sunset. 

There is a DJ and the bar has a really nice beach club vibe the majority of people are in swim wear and you can smoke shisha if you want to for 300,000 IDR. 

Drinks: 7
Atmosphere: 8
Venue: 6

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