Tiu Kelep waterfall Lombok

Over view
This waterfall is very far from Kuta its in the north, Senaru village. But we love finding new amazing waterfalls and this was on the list. So a day trip to the otherside of the island it was. We drove for 3hr30 until finding the waterfall. Our maps had stopped working so we had to find directions from the loals which was hard as their english wasnt the best. 

Then after admiring and photographing the waterfall it was another 3hr30 bike drive home in the dark.

When arriving at the waterfall everyone asks to be your tour guide. You dont need one. You can do it yourself.  Dont be afraid to say no. The waterfall was enormous it had two tiers and was so powerfull. If you dont want to get wet do not go near as it soaks you from a mile off. The water flow is very fast and standing under the water hurts. As the waterflow is so fast the sound of running water is so powerful and can be heard from practically at the top.

To reach the waterfalls you have to climb steps but its a easy enough route. 

5,000 IDR for parking and 10,000 IDR pp for entrance fee. The local guides ask to be your tour guide for 150,000 IDR.

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