Beaches Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a small island with the main beach being Sairee beach which is parallel to all the shops, restaurants and bars. The two piers are near Sairee beach (Song Serm and Lomphrayah) 

Then on the island there are some other secluded beaches which you need a bike to get too or you have to take a water taxi which is the more expensive option as a bike for 24hrs is 150baht. 

Freedom beach

This beach has a nice view point before you go down to the beach and an actual hike walk to another higher up view point if you fancy a walk in the heat as I defiantly didn't I'm too lazy.

The beach itself is small with shelly sand and  clear wavey sea. Again, great for snorkelling. 
There is no entrance fee which is nice just remember to take a towel to lie on or a matt as there isn't any sunbeds.

Sai Daeng Beach

Again another nice view to photograph before you walk down to the beach. This beach is slightly bigger yet small. The beach is sandy with waves and yes great for snorkelling. The whole island is brilliant for snorkelling. 

There arent any sun beds so bring your own and food/drink from outside isn't allowed. There is no entrance fee or parking fee which is always great.

There is a restaurant and a beach bar. 
For a  pina coladá its 260 baht. 

Ao Tanote

This beach is shelly with powerful waves and the sea has lots of corals so be careful on your feet as some corals are very sharp. Everyone was snorkelling at this beach as its suppose to be the best place for it but when we attempted it the water was too dark to see anything.

There is a big rock in the sea which is perfect for jumping off if you can get up in the first place! No sun beds so take a towel and again this beach has no entrance fee. 

My favourite beach was Sai Daeng Beach!

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