Breakfast at Marina Bay Sands

When you wake up your hungry and when you meed to check out at 11am its pretty impossible to go out and get food then return to check out in time.

So sod it. We orderd room service.  The menu makes everything sound mouth watering but me being a coco pop girl I wanted cereal, crositants and freshly squeezed orange juice. So thats what I got. It cost $45 SGD and it wasnt woth it in all homesty but it filled me up for about an hour and we got to enjoy the views from our balcony!

Everything you purchase in Singapore always has GST tax to be added on and then you also get service charege so its an expensive game.

The food was pretty poor/basic and as its such an iconic hotel I did expect more. For example our yogurt was literally shop brought in a jar and the english muffin was the size of half my hand. 

Food: 4
Atmosphere: N/A
Venue: 10

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