Cream Cafe Chaweng Beach

We eat out everyday and sometimes you just crave healthy options, or a place for breakfast which will leave you feeing happy you ate there. So of course we googled smoothie bowls and off on the bike we went.

Cream cafe it is, as you approach from the outside it doesn't look too appealing then when you step inside and the aircon hits you and you can see the decor you know your in the right place. Hangover cure coming up.

Yes you guessed it I ordered the granola bowl with yogurt honey and fruit, Josh had the eggs benedict and we shared the pancakes although I would have preferred caramalised banana and nutella over strawberry and nutella. Anyway it was delicious and after stuffing my face I felt like I could know conquer the world again! 

The restaurant itself didn't have an atmosphere and the staff were rude but as the food was so good you cant complain too much. 

If your dying for a granola bowl like I was in Koh Samui then this is your best bet 150 baht!

Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

Food: 9
Venue : 7
Atmosphere : 0

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