Emerald Pool

The Emerald pool in Krabi has several names it can be referred to as the crystal pond, blue pool or Emerald Pool.  

The Emerald pool is a natural pool of water 1-2 meters in depth in the middle of the rain forest. It is also famous for the Gurneys Pitta bird which can only be found in Krabi, Trang provinces and Khoa Pra Brang if your lucky enough to see the beautiful colourful bird ill be jealous as we didn't get the pleasure. The surrounding rock is limestone and very slippy when wet. 

To get to the pool you have two options the long walk through the rainforest or the shorter walk on a path directly to the pool. On either trail the trees tower above you and you can hear the sounds of the rainforest.-

The Emerald pool itself is very busy as many tours visit the pool each day. There are two pools the Blue Pool closes at 3pm and Emerald pool closes at 5pm. 

If you go to Emerald Pool you should also visit the Krabi Hot Springs (its literally next to it)

If your thai even better you get a cheap price:
Thai Adult - 20 baht
Thai Child - 10 baht
But if your a foreigner then yep we have to make the foreigner price:
Adult - 200 baht
Child - 100 baht
But visiting yourself is again most definitely cheaper, the tour excursions start at 800baht pp. So hire a bike, fill up the tank, and pay on the door! 

You have to pay 10 baht to park too

Khlong Thom District, Krabi Province 81120

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