FAQ - what to pack

So before coming travelling I planned everything I'm a planner thats what I do. I planned my outfits I planned my gym routine, I planned everything. 

Then the day came when I had to pack my rucksack, my portable wardrobe. I forgot everything.  But it doesn't matter as you can buy things along the way for cheaper and as a souvenir. 

Things you must pack which we did and it was so useful!
  • A medical bag - which includes alcohol to clean wounds, after bite, savlon, anti histamines , bandages, plasters, then all the other stuff. 
  • A pen - keep in your handbag saves so much time when having to fill out immigration cards
  • A large matt - to use at the beach so you dont have to pay for sun-loungers
  • Separate bags - a bag for toiletries so they stay clean and don't get onto any clothes,  makeup etc
  • Insect repellent 
  • Multi socket extension lead - to charge everything using one socket
  • Travel wash - for when you want to wash small items by hand.
  • A waterproof jacket 
  • Sliders - so damn comfy

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