From Phuket to Krabi

Getting from Phuket to Krabi. Its so easy now a days with all the street tour providers. You can book transfers from several tour information stands on the streets in patong but you will pay more. The best price we could find from a tour provider was 500 baht per person from our hotel in Patong, Phuket to Krabi town.

If you do it yourself its of course cheaper. You get on the local bus which costs 40 baht and that takes you to the bus station which is in Phuket town. Then you buy your ticket from Phuket town to Krabi town which costs 240 baht per person. 

The journey takes 4 hours and its a smooth ride as the roads aren't bumpy.  You can also get a coach and a ferry to Krabi but this is a lot longer and most people opt for the minibus (cheapest)

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