From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by coach..

Its really easy you can ether book your ticket directly online or just turn up at the Golden Mile Complex and buy a ticket from any of the tour providers. There is a big line of tour providers all with different prices, coaches and different departure times.

We travelled with StarMart. $20 SGD each and it takes 5 hours 30. You get on the coach which is surprisingly really comfy but take a jacket its freeeezing on-board and they cant turn the aircon down as its automatic. You have reclining seats and phone sockets. But no toilet.

You drive for 30 minuets until you get to the boarder of Singapore then you have to get off and go through security. Then you get back on the coach and then when you get to customs you have to get back off where they check your passport and scan your luggage.

Then its a smooth ride from here all the way to Malaysia. You can either stop at TBS in Kuala Lumpur or Times Square which is the central stop at Imbi metro station.

Make sure you have small change for the metro as you can only use $5 notes or below.

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