Full day island tour Koh Phi Phi

The best trip I've done so far since travelling. I loved it. Such a relaxing yet jam packed day with breathtaking views, colourful fish, white sand, cave climbing, and lots more. This trip is so worth the money!!

We chose to do the full day tour, you leave from the pier at 10am on a long tail boat and this is your boat for the day. You arrive back at 7pm its a very long day but as your always doing something time flies. Your given free drinking water and fried rice and pineapple is included.

When booking your tour my best advice is go for the cheapest tour which does the same as below as all the sales people pitch it to you as if there trip is better, they have a better boat, they go at different times.... well they don't your all together the only difference is which boat your on and the cheaper ones have less people on the boat!

You visit:
  • Shark point - snorkelling
  • Bambu island
  • Vikings cave
  • Monkey Beach
  • Lagoon
  • Snorkelling 
  • Maya bay
  • Sunset point
  • Plankton

1. The first stop Shark Point and its snorkel time jump in although there are reef sharks but you will be lucky to see them. In I go... no sharks but so many beautiful, colourful, large fish the best ive saw so far since travelling. You have half an hour here and then you get back onto the boat

2. Bambu Island if you choose the tour without the tourism tax you have to pay 400 baht when arriving here. Its a tiny island and the water is very shallow. You clamber over the rocks to find somewhere secluded to stay for an hour. Then back to the boat.

3. You will drive past Vikings Cave which is somewhere where the locals still live so you can only look from the boat.

4. Now you have half an hour to admire the monkeys at monkey beach. The monkeys have monkey fights and literally jump from person to person. Don't bring food or drink as they will grab it and run. 

5. You drive into the big lagoon and the view is phenomenal. The only negative is you don't get to get in the water and when your there its so beautiful you want to get in.  Make sure you have your camera ready!

6. More snorkelling and again you can expect so many colourful fish the underwater world in Ko Phi Phi is amazing

7. You arrive at Maya Bay and get an hour and a half. This is where the film “The Beach” was filmed. You have to scramble through a cave and up a rope ladder to make it to the other side of the island to see the beach. If you visit as we did in the afternoon the tide is all the way out revealing all the rocks.

8. Next stop is in the middle of the ocean to watch h the sunset. You wont get a better sunset as there is nothing obstructing your view. Watch the sun set whilst listening to the sound of the ocean.

9. Then finally after dark swim with Plankton. Plankton are luminous plants which live in certain areas of the sea. They glow when you move your body very fast next to them. Its a really good experience especially when you look underwater it looks like magic.
We paid 800 baht each which included the 400 baht extra fee. (400 baht for the trip, 400 for the fee) prices vary depending on where you book and who you book with.

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