Hot Springs

I loved the hot springs! Having never experienced hot springs before I didn't know what to expect and how hot the springs would be. I thought perhaps luke warm. But wow, it was hot. 30’c hot, it was a hot bath in the middle of nowhere with a lake below and hot springs everywhere.

There are several tourists but not as many as I expected. You can jump into the lake or spend all day in the hot spring pools but make sure you have water as when you stand up if your anything like me you will be light headed and gasping for a drink. On the plus side it doesn't feel hot outside for a moment. 

The hot springs are clear and clean situated within large grounds. Again, its cheaper to do this on your own without a tour.

The drive to the hot springs is easy and very smooth so even the most timid drivers would find it very easy.

120 baht for a foreigner and 20 baht for a Thai local. 
10 baht for parking. 

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